How to help sex dolls wear wigs better?

How to help sex dolls wear wigs better?

We all love the wigs our beloved dolls gave you. the right way? _If you think so, then you will be surprised. As it turns out, there is a standard procedure for decorating your sex doll with new wigs. Today we will introduce you to temperament, the right way to put a wig on your Sexpuppen kaufen. So guys, let’s get started.

Wear a wig directly

this is very simple. Have one of your wigs, put it on your doll’s head. No mobs, no. So your love doll will have a wig when it’s time for your love doll. Go through this procedure and you can buy any extra wigs for the doll. The reason is simple; these wigs are not made for your love doll, they are general purpose wigs, but you will need some adjustments.

Wig caps and pins

You need a simple hairstyle and an alternative approach. But, now that you’ve got the perfect hat for your doll, we’re ready to paste and it’s time to put the toppings on. You have a pun, right? Now you wear this wig on a hat and adjust it with pins or bobby pins. Hairpins must be used on the edges of the wig. For this look, a wig will do. The method is a fairly cheap and uncomplicated way to dress up your twin with a new wig. We simply cannot resist Guan Yu.

Velcro wig cap

C-cup Love Dolls sex Deutschland TPE

You save the best for last. This method, you (again) wig hats and double-sided Velcro patches. The procedure is almost the same as the previous one. You give you the wig, don’t take a holiday on the hat, just use Velcro and stick it on the ground and put it on the hat. Also, don’t overuse the foil patch, any malfunctions pop up at any time. Your method remains her favorite, just because it’s obvious. You don’t need to adjust the shape of the bobby pins individually. Plus, with Velcro, it’s easy to put on and wigs or wigs. It’s easy for you to be gentle. Do it by hand. We’ve discussed the right way to wear a wig on your love doll. Now, let’s discuss what you shouldn’t do with sex doll wigs.

avoid glue

One of the glues, the most commonly used glue, will be able to play a role, and the fake piece of the doll’s hair will have a fake headgear with water. The glue ingredients and the doll’s skin have little to do with your heart. Potentially stripping water may be generated that will eventually fail to pass it as false.

say no to tight straps

Lover loves to use it very much and will end up leaving a very beautiful doll in your Shangyang to take you to say, the way you want her child to take you to say that you hope she will go down the road. The skin straps are limited, use tight straps that can’t pretend they fit your doll straps. This way, you can keep your skin safe and healthy, but you can wear it.

Do not choose low quality wig caps

Gentlemen, you have to understand that in the whole wig ceremony, the wig cap is the protagonist. Without a hat, there is no wig. Therefore, poor quality hats for dolls cannot be bought. If the wig cap is unstable, the wig will not hold. Also, wig hats that you keep buying because they won’t stain the Reale Liebespuppen skin. The hat can last a long time, so it takes on some of the most likely colors on the doll. Therefore, it is best to choose one that does not leave anything like stains.