How to choose the right doll breast type?

How to choose the right doll breast type?

There are currently many sex puppets for buyers. It really brings a lot of problems to the buyer, because not all the doll you play is the same. However, choosing a doll does need to consider. For important purchases, it is important to choose a decision to make a decision. Doll models and brands are their own, but in different customs, you have the Australian brand. Although most people do it by themselves. We all have additional information definitions, and the functions of your additional and sexual doll breasts and other functions need to be used in this guide to bring new lifelike materials. Choose the right breast.

Choose a baby breast material

The following are the types of materials commonly used in making doll breasts:

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Silicone/TPE breasts
Using high -quality TPE

The breasts are found on the TPE Sexpuppen kaufen and mixed material doll (TPE body+silicone head). Instead, silicone breasts can only be on a model with 100% silicone entity. Therefore, if you want to use silicone breasts made on your doll, you will have to choose a silicone doll model.

Breasts made of jelly, breasts made of jelly or help materials are not standard experiences for most adult models. Baby breasts are usually used as or upgrade.

Sex doll breast options

Choose one of the customized options for the corset.
Your breasts
Hollow breast

1. Breast

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Standard breast solid TPE or is made by solidity, so it is called solid breasts. The solid is soft and elastic, just like the current high -end TPE surface. Do you think the breast feels more tough? You like your corset, combined with solid chest selection upgrade or components in the province, and hope to upgrade the role and feel very important in the appearance and feeling of solid breasts. In most cases, it is considered to be selected. And the vitality of high -quality solid TPE or breast material will definitely be as realistic.

Advantages of solid options:

Free, that is, the additional cost.
Coastal, soft and flexible.


Compared with other breast selection, the softness and elasticity are slightly worse.
Not suitable for more/breasts.

2. Hollow breasts

Because the breasts are completely strong, they look very light and elastic. Because of the soft and elastic empty breast type, it is excellent in the character.

Who should choose hollow breasts?

Hatant breasts are very suitable for dolls with bigger breasts Real Doll kaufen. Because these breasts have an air cavity full of air, they are lighter and the risk of being torn because of frequent use. However, if you are too addicted to the heavier breasts, this may not be your correct choice.

Advantages of hollow breasts:

There is no additional fee for upgrading. It is quite light, so the risk of crying is reduced. Solid breasts are softer and more flexible.


It is more lively and difficult than other options.